Reducing My Family’s Debt

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My husband spends his money as fast as he makes it. It was fine, until he got laid off work. It’s a good thing that there are credit card debt relief programs that helped us immensely during these dark times. I wish I had known earlier that this was going to happen, from his high six-figure salary a year, it got reduced to a single-income household primarily supported by me, who was just making about half of what he was making.


It was a dark time for our family. We were in debt for a lot of things, but it was really our credit card that was giving us such a big hit on our finances. We had a lot of interest payments to pay, on top of the balance, and I really did not know how to reduce it. I honestly was such a mess, and my husband was not helping!

My friend then told me about how I could be more debt free, or reduce how much I would have to pay in interest. She introduced me to methods on how to relieve us of credit card debt, with programs that were so much better than what we owed to the bank. I followed her advice, and soon, we were able to manage our expenses better before my husband got a job again.

But, definitely, this has become such a strong lesson to our family. I don’t think we will allow ourselves to get into bad debt again in the future. It is such a pain in the head, and really took a toll on our pockets. We have learned the hard way to live within our means.…